How Will YOU Creatively Impact the World?

by jdr

original photo by julie doane robertsCreativity is what fuels invention – the active imaginative mind spins possibilities into realities with inspired action.

Right now, across America, art programs are being terminated, the backward idea that “education cuts” are a viable answer spreads – when, in fact, our children are the last people who should suffer for a weak (and broken) economy.

Throughout the world, so many people suffer from poverty, malnutrition, oppressive governments, lack of opportunity, violence, cultural mores that restrict and demean rather than support and inspire.

What can we do – today – about this unenlightened reality?

Individuals and organizations aware of the devastating effect of this kind of shortsighted thinking must become the voice that sings loudly about how important – vital! – art and imaginative solutions are to humanity.

It’s primal – look back 35,000 years to the art painted on cave walls and feel how deep in your psyche and soul artistic expression resides.

Hear a song that transports you like a vehicle of spirit and imagine life without songs – without your very favorite song, without bird songs, without the song of children’s laughter.

It is a time when those who know the absolute necessity and importance of art and imagination must speak together to raise awareness and actively pursue creative solutions to all that ails our local communities, our global community, our personal and public lives.

Apathy can die a quiet death and leave us awake and inspired, ready to act and demonstrate the power of our enlightened ideas.

No matter how small the action, if it moves you and those you know in the direction of imagination applied, take that step – DO that thing.

Bring your genius to life by making your most creative and inspired actions a top priority.

What really sets humans apart as a unique species on our planet is the depth and breadth of our imagination and potential – make a move toward your highest potential by doing something today to tip the scales toward resolutions of the most creative and inspired kind.

The reward is momentum in the direction of solving and uplifting – we can solve and uplift to create and inspire.

You’ve got it in YOU. Oh yes, you do.

What can you do today? You can start a campaign to raise awareness about something that matters to you – something that helps people around the world to live better lives.

Or you can write a play that reveals a deeper understanding than the media’s favorite stereotype – a stereotype typically pushed in an effort to create more fear, more anxiety, less deep and honest views.

The OneWorld art project promotes the spread of creative solutions and art to model more imaginative approaches and to inspire people to get involved.

What is it that YOU can add?

A world of solutions awaits – please, join in!

go to site please share this on FB and twitter Best Price Nik Software Silver Efex Pro 2 so the OneWorld art project can find its true tribe of soulful, like-minded people who know creativity and vision make for a more inspired world! – and thank you so much for YOUR enlightened action! you’re also invited to stop by FB here and “like” what’s happening – it’s the intersection of individual creativity and our OneWorld as a work of art!

YOUR secret message: you can do something today that makes a difference – even something small counts – just move in the right direction!

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