Set Your GPS to Destination SOUL

by jdr

dreams stART in your imagination - imagine wise, soulful dreams

Imagination is our most overlooked, undervalued GIFT we enjoy as humans. It’s the MAGIC, it’s the generator of all creative solutions and art.

Imagination is about seeing something Download Autodesk Softimage 2012 before you can see it – imagining it stARTs the process of bringing that very new thing into our world.

Knowing yourself as a creator is what imagination makes possible. First you conjure the vision, allow the idea to take form in your imagination, then through acting on your idea, you can sculpt the process by which you bring it to life.

This doesn’t make just pretty pictures and art possible – paint, pastels and songs are great to celebrate but what we’re witnessing in the world right now – RIGHT NOW – is people imagining a better way to live — and then taking action toward those dreams.

Tunisia. Egypt. Bahrain. Libya and Morocco, too? Across the world people are dreaming into being a new and improved version of their precious lives.

People are willing to die for it. IMAGINE that.

This is creativity in action, the changes we now witness in the world. This is the POWER of imagination in motion. This is people recognizing their own power to change the reality of their day to day lives.

And it’s moving – by that I mean, profound. I watched the live stream online of the people in Tahrir Square and I was mesmerized. I felt such a deep sense of unity with these people who were peacefully demonstrating their right to live in a world they IMAGINED first – a world more peaceful, more just, more representative of the place they want to live.

It started in someone’s imagination and grew from there as people acted in accordance with their dreamed preferences – first in whispers, then stronger and louder as the voices joined. They started creating what at first they merely dreamed.

People MOVED – they came together. They acted and CHANGED the course of history with each action they took.

What better world do YOU imagine? What would make our world more just, more honorable, more healthy, more WISE.

Imagination leads to creative action – it’s where important change begins. What can YOU imagine?

We ALL have the power to act soulfully instead of superficially. We can ALL set our GPS to SOUL and not swerve from that destination, no matter what shiny bauble tempts.

We have the power to keep the wave of peaceful change circulating our pretty blue planet.

We have the power to celebrate as each person has the opportunity to live an honorable life in which they are respected, educated, well-fed, with access to decent healthcare and fair, lawful treatment.

Imagine that with me, please. ACT in whatever way you can, no matter how small the step or donation, always moving with the current of peaceful change –

destination: SOUL.

join me, please – choose YOUR destination and meet me at SOUL. and please invite your soul-centered friends to join us!

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