Show Me – Stories of Global Good REVEALED

by jdr

What’s the OneWorld art project all about?  Well, I’m glad you asked.

The project is about making our Buy Corel VideoStudio Pro X6 OneWorld a work of art – but how might that be achieved?  Perhaps you wonder what that means exactly.

Making generalizations about art is risky business – some strong opinions exist and often they clash!

That’s ok, art can handle it.  click Art isn’t even scared.

To me, art is about questions – answers are all right, but the interesting part of life and what we experience lies in the questions, I think.

Some people are frightened of questions.  Is that you?  Or… are you too scared of questions to admit you’re scared of questions?

Don’t run off – I’m ok with you being too scared to admit that questions are scary.  Lots of people start there.  And the first place to visit to get comfortable with questions is getting comfortable with NOT KNOWING answers – it’s just fine to allow a question to exist without pushing an answer onto it too soon.

So often we think we know answers – though those answers sometimes come as prepackaged bite-sized doses of dogma.

Now, don’t run off – it’s ok if a particular belief system is how you currently get through the days and nights of your life.  Lots of people start there.

Here’s one way to think about it:  if the dogma or belief system you believe is really true with a capital T, then I believe we can agree it is strong enough to survive questions.

Truth does not cower or shiver in fear – truth just stands there in the whipping wind, fearless, gentle, patient, calm and enduring.

So see, there’s no reason to fear questions.  All that is true is big enough and strong enough to embrace questions, allow questions, welcome the inherent curiosity of the human mind.

So now that we can embrace questions, here’s one to consider:

Who would we be if we could connect peacefully with other people in our vast human family?

One way to find out is to explore The Bead People International to learn how a quiet little surprising discovery came to impact so many people across the world.

The Bead People is a project founded by Patricia Jamie Lee and this endeavor has created over 6500 Bead People around the world – THAT’s not just impressive, it’s inspiring!

Here’s another question:

Who would we be if we could reach out to children in other countries and embrace their creative skills?

The Pulsera Project demonstrates so well just how much global good can result from family and friends going on a trip and bringing their soulful, creative selves to the adventure.

They have touched the lives of children who will forever benefit from the connection, respect and care they’ve been shown.

Another question:

Who would we be if we cared about the animals with whom we share this pretty blue planet of ours?

We would act in ways that demonstrate how we treasure the beauty of these creatures, how we appreciate that they lift us up with them as they soar, take us deeper as they dive, speed us along like thundering mustangs –

Then There Were None is a project designed to help save endangered animals.  It’s part of the cure for a world enamored with plastic and convenience and shortsighted actions.  This worthwhile project was started by a family of three as a “passion project” and at its core this project turns Jonathan Woodward’s illustrations into a way to help protect animals that cannot speak up for themselves.

Just one last question:

What can YOU do today to support the creative efforts of projects like these… Or, what can you create that’s just as inspired?

Show me, please!

How curious are you?  Did you find the hidden words here?  Exploring is fun and good for the soul – thanks for your deeper look into what’s right before your very eyes!

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