The Precarious Dance of Awareness

by jdr

original art, sculpture, be - here - nowOne of the greatest aspects of being an artist is the opportunity to contemplate space and time while ethereum mining rig karachi dreaming up the next work of art. This makes me think of Einstein and the three dimensions of space, along with the fourth dimension, time.

I’m pretty fond of time, in some ways. For instance, time makes rust possible, and I love making art of rusted objects for the character rust contributes to the piece, as well as its subtle reminder of how time has passed to create it. Some metal, a bit of wet weather, and time, is the magic equation for creating the beautiful hues of rust, its texture, display of age.

But time causes some problems, too. It can bring about the destruction of buildings, bridges, trees, even our bodies will eventually be decimated by time.

Tick, Talking Time

It’s another aspect of time that is most troublesome, though, in terms of humanity and our ability, or lack thereof, to make our OneWorld a work of art. And what might that mean, our OneWorld as a work of art?

To me, “our OneWorld as a work of art” means that people learn to embrace paradox, respond creatively to all that transpires, and recognize the value of variety. A diverse population is no reason to lash out in an effort to control, stymie or punish. A diverse population is more resilient, alive and creative than a homogenous one.

But that’s where time sneaks in to create havoc. Often commentators on the chattybox, or politicians, or someone else who benefits from whipping people into a frenzy of fear, make dire predictions about how this “different” person or group – someday, in the future – will “destroy” the dogma or doctrine suggested to be so fragile that it must be defended.

Time… bomb?

Time is used as a weapon then – fear and anxiety is encouraged by the threat of an imagined future, a reality that does not exist, may never exist, but yet that imagined image creates a ripple of hatred and violence, intolerance and preemptive actions that instigate more problems than solutions.

Time is also used to create anxiety and fear by focusing on the past – how revenge is necessary, how a grudge must be held, how we must act out in order to combat this past reality. This keeps people angled toward memories that can’t be changed, or toward fearful imaginings about a potential unwanted reality that may be on its way.

So one way to make our OneWorld a work of art is to resist the pull to dwell on hatred based in the past. Also, instead of focusing on imagined frightful futures that someone out there has a vested interest in scaring you with, be the light that shines where you are instead.

Do the precarious dance of awareness with grace – stay present, respond creatively, be centered and trusting enough to embrace paradox and the variety inherent in our richly diverse OneWorld.

All different, and all the same.

Of all the wise and true teachings in the world – whether you believe in the Buddha, God, Allah or Science (or nothing at all, dear Nihilists!) – it seems the one idea that makes the most sense is to treat each other the way we wish to be treated.

That means skip the superiority act and be here now in the most courageous, open, aware state you can muster – you need to stay aware if you are to recognize your actions and whether they align with how you would wish to be treated if you were the other person. This requires the ability to understand the other person in a compassionate light.

And it requires that we make room for all the various humans, the short and tall, fat and skinny, Christian and Muslim, Atheists, non-believers, those who aren’t sure and those still waiting to decide.

Stay in the present, calm, steady, creative, empowered – be here now – and make this diverse, rich, colorful OneWorld a work of art.

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be here now – be here now – be here now – be here now – be here now

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