We Celebrate Great People and Imaginative Acts

by jdr

The mission of the OneWorld art project is to http://homeworks-get.com/?mining=bitcoin-stock-worth promote, encourage, celebrate and inspire art and creative acts that make our world a more enriching place to live and grow.

The best way to learn something new is to see it – really see it and let it sink in and touch who we are at the deepest level. Then we can take that rent a bitcoin mining rig inspiration and brilliance and apply it in new ways that create a ripple effect of imaginative and empowered actions.

A great example of someone reaching out in meaningful and creative ways is the OneWorld art project’s first convertir dogecoin en bitcoin Ambassador of Art and Creative Acts – the very talented writer, go Glenn Cheney.

Glenn recently spent some time in Swaziland doing research for his new book on nuns and helping out wherever he could. The OneWorld art project salutes Glenn and the amazing people he worked with while there!

Here’s Glenn with a cute little person recently taken in by the Sisters and rescued from starvation (as was this child’s twin):

cabrini ministries of swaziland

As a happy coincidence, right there where Glenn happened to be is a great illustration of how https://kathrynaragon.com/oem-software/cheap-autodesk-autocad-electrical-2016.html art can transform and inspire. In the past, an incredible organization worked with the people of the Cabrini Ministries in Swaziland on a wonderful artistic project to enhance – with some applied imagination and colorful paint – one of the buildings there.

Take a look at this inspiring transformation ~


awaiting the creative touch


AFTER the creative touch

The writing on the side of the building states:

Let this mural be a window into a world of imagination, inspiration, and hope.

The creative souls who made this happen, in tandem with the Cabrini Ministries in Swaziland, are people with the group Write On Africa – right on, Write On Africa!

You can read about their experience of the project here ->> Write On Africa

Learn more about Cabrini Ministries here ->> Cabrini Ministries in Swaziland

What a fabulous and inspiring message this building now sends with its grey concrete walls transformed into a dynamic expression of color and energy. The OneWorld art project salutes and celebrates the vision and completion of this masterpiece – this work is a gift to all who see it and it’s an excellent example of creativity in action!

Thank you, Cabrini Ministries in Swaziland and Write On Africa, for making our OneWorld a more colorful place, for changing dull and dreary walls into a canvas of inspired words in purple, aqua, and pink, and for helping this building to SING out!

And thank you, Glenn, for being a good human who traverses the planet with a spark of  hope – and thanks for increasing the likelihood we’ll enjoy our OneWorld as a work of art!

What simple and creative act can you inspire in your corner of the world? Can you drum up a brilliant solution, a colorful accent, a genius transformation that is a gift to someone in need of help or to your community as a whole?

Let us know when you do, so we can celebrate YOU!

Get inspired by learning more:

Learn more about Glenn Cheney here -> Glenn Cheney

Learn about Write On Africa’s project here -> Write On Africa

Learn more about Cabrini Ministries of Swaziland here -> Cabrini Ministries in Swaziland

Have a story to share of art, creativity and a brilliant solution? We’d like to help you celebrate that – just click here and send me a message!


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