All Sato Rescue and The Great Animal Rescue Chase

by jdr

rescue dogsHere’s a sweet girl – i bitcoin to php peso Chica Isabela, from Puerto Rico. Such a dear, gentle dog, with big brown eyes to love on you.

We found her. She lay at the entrance to a park we visited. how to choose a bitcoin mining pool She was starving, as you can see in the images.

She must have hurt. Though her pain never dulled her affection for people, her willingness to wag her tail, smile, throw her heart into the moment with you.

We rescued her – flew her to New York where follow she enjoyed a bit of time as a true pet, well-fed, with a couch fit for lounging. A too brief but well-deserved respite from life as a fugitive, begging survival, navigating traffic and other stray dogs.

Chica made me want to save every dog in Puerto Rico. And now to my delight, someone is creatively working to do just that.

All Sato Rescue to the rescue! They are on a mission to help stray dogs in Puerto Rico and you can learn more details and support their work by clicking right HERE.

I learned about All Sato Rescue on the web site of The Great Animal Rescue Chase – a global animal rescue event. That’s a brilliant idea. This brings together animal lovers and homespun action across our pretty blue planet with the goal of helping to save one million animals. Check out their amazing work and learn how you can help by clicking HERE.

Think animals don’t need our help? Check out (and please sign!) the petition right HERE – animal lovers are rallying to encourage the government to punish and STOP this guy. Learning about this atrocity makes it obvious we need to rethink and take action to help with the many challenges animals face.

[If you’re not on facebook and therefore unable to view that page, here’s the shortest version – “UKRAINE — Since October 2011, Alexey Vedula, a 19-year-old student, has been publishing atrocious videos on the Internet which feature him torturing and killing dogs in various extremely cruel ways.” -> excerpted from the site

There’s lots to be done still – much broken that needs fixing.

Supporting creative solutions is vital to them actually working in the real world – which ones do you support? Can you think of any NEW ways to help them work?

Money is only one way to support healing action in our world. You can also spread the word, speak up on behalf of those who deserve cheering on, write a story or a song, bring awareness and revelations to those around you.

We can change the world for the better by throwing our enthusiasm in the direction of integrity and compassion. The All Sato Rescue folks will change Puerto Rico over time and ultimately save sweet creatures like Chica Isabela. And the The Great Animal Rescue Chase will help to save a million innocent animals and in doing so, hopefully we can put an end to people who wrongly think torturing animals is entertainment.

WE speak up for animals – and we need your voice.

Animals worldwide need our most humane response to the atrocities perpetrated upon them. And there’s more to do, too: people who are oppressed and suffering need our creative solutions; policies that are detrimental to the health of our environment need revamping; self-serving government officials across the globe need to be replaced with people of integrity and wisdom.

So, what will YOU solve?

What creative brilliance resides in you, what tugs at your heart, mind and soul?

When you work toward the greater good, the OneWorld art project salutes your every good deed. Your power to change the world is in your hands – reach out to make a difference right now.

Need inspiration? Explore the likelihood art gallery & storybook and peek at creative solutions and art.

Use these ideas to hatch YOUR world-healing plan – let us know the details so we can celebrate YOU.


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